CBD TERPENE OIL - 1,000 mg CBD Natural Flavor

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-THC Free

-Infused with Terpene, Myrcene

-Infused with MCT Oil

-33.3 mg of CBD per 1ml

DIVINE LEAF CBD - Enhancing the well-known properties of CBD with additional healing components of *TERPENES* which are essential oils derived from the hemp plant.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that one of these terpenes, Myrcene, provides and increases natural relaxation, elevated mood, body healing/aiding effects. DIVINE LEAF CBD has developed a 1,000 MG CBD infused oil with Myrcene to deal with a number of ailments ranging from psychosis to diabetes, joint pains, inflammation and spasms.

This product provides 33.3mg of pure CBD and Terpenes per milliliter, being a highly concentrated oil that ensures fast and effective results. All DIVINE LEAF CBD products are THC-free and third-party tested to ensure a consistent high quality.   

This CBD and Myrcene combination has been found to be especially effective in reducing inflammation, relieving pain and even fighting certain types of cancer.


Taste and Scent

This product contains no artificial flavors and maintains the oily taste of natural hemp.


Hemp Seed Oil, 99% Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate, Myrcene.


Thia DIVINE LEAF CBD Product is free of THC


CBD Extraction Process

The CBD concentrates contained in this product are extracted using a CO2 technique that maintains all nutrients and healing properties intact.


Combining the best of natural CBD oil with the wonderful healing effects of terpenes, DIVINE LEAF CBD provides an excellent product for those dealing with inflammation, sleeping disorders, anxiety and other ailments. This company uses a clean extraction technique that guarantees THC-free extracts and products that contain no pesticides or harmful chemicals. With 2500mg of pure CBD packed in a 30ml bottle, this is a highly concentrated extract